What we do for the Environment

A group work of children work with an organisation called Wai Care. We
collect native plant seeds from Totara Park and propagate them. We grow the
seedlings until they reach a good size in our Shade House sponsored by
Nestle, before they are ready to be planted at the DHB land in Manukau.

Every year, during Conservation Week, a group of students, often a whole
class, visit the DHB land where Wai Care provides learning opportunities for
students about the Puhihui Stream and how the stream benefits people and
wildlife, and what we must continue to do to protect it.
We also monitor the water quality of the Puhinui Stream where it runs
through Totara Park.

The Gardens School also has a partnership with Totara Park. This year on
Arbor Day, Takahe 1 went and planted 200 native plants alongside the Puhinui
Stream. Each year for the past three years we have done this, and every time
we return we can see how much the plants have grown.

We have planted many native trees on our school field.

Mrs Whitehead has lead the process of reloacting the shade house to the Intermediate area behind the Kea Classrooms and continues to work with Wai Care.  The students in her class are our "Enviro Experts" and are always willing to share their learning with other students and the wider community.  They are regularly involved in Enviro activities outside of school.