Kia ora and welcome to the Matanga Hapori!

We are so lucky at The Gardens School to have a team of Specialist Teachers who are able to offer our students more fantastic opportunities to learn!  

Specialist classes allow us to provide collaborative planning release time for our class teachers and have the added benefit of exposing our students to a wide range of learning opportunities.  

Mrs Cosford continues to take each class for P.E and organises and co-ordinates teams for inter-school sporting events.

Mrs Bull is our ESOL expert - her role continues to help and facilitate the learning of those for whom English is their second language.  She is well supported by three fantastic ESOL teacher aides - Mrs Dissmeyer, Mrs Hanif and Mrs Shelley.  

Mrs Vincent is our Music Specialist teacher, working with students from Year 0 - Year 8

Mrs Lee is in on Friday to teach Spanish to Year 7/8 and to take the School Orchestra

Mrs Bradshaw is our Chinese Language Teacher.  She teaches Chinese Language from Year 0 - 8 and also runs a Chinese Performance Group.

Mrs Kent will be teaching Visual Arts in 2018.