Kia ora and welcome to the Pukeko Hapori!

The Pukeko Hapori consists of six teachers and all Year 2-3 students.   The Pukeko Hapori has five flexible homegroups, however, during learning time, the students work in a variety of spaces and with different teachers, within our Hapori.  Pukeko students enjoy the first level of the school, called ‘Arua’, with indoor/outdoor learning spaces, as well as a corner space on level two, ‘Tiwai’, close to the library, with lovely bush views.  There are large group spaces, breakaway spaces for working in smaller groups, quiet areas and areas specific to different purposes, such as Art.

The core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths continue to be the major focus for teaching and learning in Years 2-3.  As children move through these important years, they shift from ‘learning to read and write’, to ‘reading and writing to learn’.  The knowledge and strategies required to solve maths problems become increasingly complex.  Our small guided groups for these key curriculum areas, ensure the right balance between having a teacher that knows the student well, yet the flexibility of groups that are fluid, so that students can be moved to a group that better fits their next learning goals, when appropriate.

Our goal is to integrate all areas of the curriculum, including Technology, Science and Art with STEAM, play-based learning and an increasing level of design thinking/inquiry learning (LAUNCH).  Throughout the year the students in the Pukeko Hapori are also fortunate to attend specialist classes for P.E, Music, Art or Chinese.

In Years 2 and 3, the development of student independence and ‘self-management’,  is encouraged further.  We strive to create a fun and inclusive learning environment where children can be successful in their learning and understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Collaborative teaching and learning in the Pukeko Hapori includes teachers working together, in a collaborative way to plan, look at assessment data, group students and decide on where to next, for student learning.  Students are encouraged to work together in ways that prepare them for the future, while developing the Key Competencies and important 21st Century skills.  

Underpinning all of the above is our school’s vision for students who ‘Wonder, Innovate, Nurture, Grow and Succeed’ (WINGS)!