Kakapo Hapori

Kia ora and welcome to the Kakapo Hapori! 


The Kakapo Hapori is our Year 2 team and is made up of three homegroups (Kakapo 1, 2, and 3.) Our team of three teachers each care for a homegroup as well as collaboratively teach different learning areas, this means that our Kakapo learners get to interact with all the teachers in our Hapori during the school day. Just like the Kakapo bird, we call the ground floor (Arua) home and are neighbours to The Kiwi Hapori. Kakapo students get to enjoy indoor and outdoor learning spaces, large shared teaching areas, and break out rooms that cater to smaller group teaching. 

In our Hapori we are focused on nurturing the growing independence of our students. We encourage our learners to independently manage their own belongings, feelings, and interactions with others. We strive to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting, as well as inclusive of all our students. Our environment is a safe place for risk-taking - with the consistent reminder that mistakes help us learn. 

Our core learning areas of Reading, Writing, and Maths are the foundation for our teaching and learning in the Kakapo Hapori. In small groups, children will engage in learning activities that develop their literacy and numeracy skills. As our groupings are flexible, children are able to move to work with other teachers and groups that better fit their learning goals, when appropriate. We understand that every child learns differently and that a flexible, collaborative approach to teaching allows each student to feel supported and successful. 

Alongside our core curriculum areas is our WINGS Discovery Time.  This learning time reflects our school values of Wonder, Innovate, Nurture, Grow and Succeed. Through hands-on learning activities, we aim to instil our school values in our learners and also help them to make authentic learning connections.  WINGS Discovery Time takes the natural creativity and curiosity that comes from children and uses it to make learning experiences authentic and fun.  During this time, we nurture the social and emotional growth of our learners as well as the development of literacy and numeracy skills. When children are engaged in WINGS Discovery time, they will role-play, problem-solve, work collaboratively with others, and be encouraged to use their imagination. This will also provide the foundation for their ongoing learning in STEAM, which is a key learning area for The Gardens School. 


Though the Kakapo bird may not be able to fly, the Kakapo here at The Gardens School will most definitely be soaring!