Kia ora and welcome to the Kiwi Hapori! 

The Kiwi Hapori is the home of the youngest learners at The Gardens School, as we cater for children in Years 0-1.  Our Hapori is made up of several smaller home groups and children will have some interaction with all Kiwi Hapori teachers throughout the school day.  We have large teaching areas, breakaway spaces for small group teaching and spaces that are specific to different purposes.  We also have the privilege of making use of both indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

In the Kiwi Hapori, children will be encouraged to become independent learners.  They will also learn how to manage themselves and their belongings, how to make friends and how to be safe in our learning spaces and outside in the playground.  It is an achievement for these little ones to do things for themselves and become increasingly independent.  Student engagement is encouraged by having a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, where children can be successful in their learning and understand that making a mistake is part of exploring, growing and experimenting.  The Kiwi Hapori is the beginning of the learning journey and we encourage and aim to develop an understanding of the learning processes required for successful learning.  We aim to do this through direct teaching and through WINGS Discovery Time.  We have a focus on ‘how to be a good learner’ and the routines and expectations of being at school.  We work to provide children with the skills to develop a sense of belonging, being inclusive and celebrating the good in themselves and others.

Reading, Writing and Maths form the major focus for teaching and learning. Knowledge of alphabet letters and their sounds is a major component of our daily programme.  Learning will take place in small groups, allowing teachers and students to focus specifically on individual needs.  Kiwi students are also fortunate to have a range of opportunities to work with specialist teachers during the year, in areas including PE, Music, Wellbeing and more! 

WINGS Discovery Time is also important in the Kiwi Hapori. This learning time reflects our school philosophies of Wonder, Innovate, Nurture, Grow and Succeed. We believe this approach helps bridge the transition between Early Childhood and starting school. Children’s ability to experience and appropriately express their emotions, understand the emotions of peers and regulate their emotions, determines how successful they are during social interactions. We find we increasingly need to teach these skills to children starting school and our WINGS Discovery Time is a great way to do this. It encourages conversations and Language Experiences. It works on core skills, oral language and gross and fine motor skills. During this discovery time the children will role play, problem solve, work collaboratively with others and be encouraged to use their imagination. This will also provide the foundation for their ongoing learning in STEAM, which is a key learning area for The Gardens School. 

It is important for children to feel successful by being able to confidently participate in our learning space. The Kiwi Hapori teachers will build on your child’s experiences from preschool/kindergarten and provide them with a wide range of fun, new and challenging experiences.




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