The Gardens School

The Gardens School Board of Trustees is made up of an elected group of parents who are responsible for the Governance of the school.  This group is elected by the parents of children who attend the school, triennially.

Our current Board have a large contingent who have been Board members for a very long time and have been instrumental in working with the Ministry of Education to manage the rebuild of the school.  

Through the Board's strategic plan and succession planning, several members have been co-opted to ensure they are representative of the community and skilled to respond when longer serving Board members leave.  The Board prepares an Annual Plan which outlines the actions the school will take each year, to meet the Strategic Plan (3-5 Year Plan)

Our Board meets each month and times and dates are advertised in the school Bulletin and on the shared calendar.  We encourage interested parents to attend the meeting, should they wish and we are always keen to hear from those community members who may be interested in standing for the Board or fulfilling vacancies as they may arise.

The current Board of Trustees is as follows:

Richie Gray - Chairperson

Luke Cosford - Vice Chairperson

Nicola Turner

Matthew Drake

Annalise Pema

Sharon Swaris

Kate Gifford - Staff Trustee

Susannah Fowler - Principal



Should you wish to contact The Board of Trustees, please do so through


For the latest Principal's Report to the Board of Trustees, please click here