Hello   Kia Ora      Nǐhǎo      你好     Konnichi wa     今日は

Annyeong haseyo   안녕하세요 NamasteMabuhay

Assalam-o-alaikum   عﻉلﻝيﻱكﻙمﻡ   SalamatKia orana

Talofa        Malo e lelei Sat Sri akal   Bonjour


Literacy Support for New Learners of English (ESOL)

At The Gardens School we provide extra language support for new learners of English.

Children with an English language learning need are mainly taught by their classroom teacher but can also receive additional support from experienced Teacher Aides, supported by Diane Bull, the specialist English Language teacher.

Your child may be given extra English language learning support if:

  • their first language is not English e.g. they may speak Punjabi better than English
  • they came to NZ from another country
  • they are New Zealand born and at least one parent is a migrant to NZ


English Language Learning programmes:

Talk to Learn programme:

This is hands-on learning for students who need help and support with learning basic commands and names of common objects in English. This programme provides practical language experiences.

The Baseline English Extension Programme (BEEP)

The main focus of this ESOL programme is to develop and extend each student’s English skills. To do this, the students work with a teacher aide or specialist English Language teacher in small groups, for speaking and listening, reading and writing tasks. This programme includes the development of vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and grammar.

The Literacy/ESOL programme is closely monitored and assessed throughout the year.  Your child may also receive additional help within their classroom.


In-class support

The specialist English Language teacher/Teacher Aide will work with the classroom teacher in class to provide additional support with listening, speaking reading and writing.

At The Gardens School, the use of digital technology is integrated into the teaching and learning programme. Students may use iPads to enrich or extend their vocabulary and understanding of the English Language. Other students may be enrolled in the Study Ladder programme which provides another opportunity for them to consolidate their learning.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more about the Literacy/ESOL programme.

Diane Bull

Literacy/ESOL Teacher