Hello   Kia Ora      Nǐhǎo      你好     Konnichi wa     今日は

Annyeong haseyo   안녕하세요 NamasteMabuhay

Assalam-o-alaikum   عﻉلﻝيﻱكﻙمﻡ   SalamatKia orana

Talofa        Malo e lelei Sat Sri akal   Bonjour


Literacy Support for New Learners of English (ESOL)

At The Gardens School we provide extra language support for new learners of English.

Children with an English language learning need are mainly taught by their classroom teacher but can also receive additional support from experienced Teacher Aides.

Your child may be given extra English language learning support if:

  • their first language is not English e.g. they may speak Punjabi better than English
  • they came to NZ from another country
  • they are New Zealand born and at least one parent is a migrant to NZ