Due to our fantastic location, The Gardens School maintains a strong connection with our neighbours at Totara Park and The Botanic Gardens, as well as an ongoing relationship with WaiCare.  

There is never a shortage of senior or intermediate students who are passionate about their environment and they meet weekly, under the supervision of an equally passionate Enviro teacher, to plan and carry out many of the following activities:

  • Recycling of all paper and cardboard from every class in the school
  • Maintaining the school shade house - propagating and transplanting seedlings which are later planted as small trees and flaxes at Totara Park and Kerr’s Road Reserve
  • Gardening around the school (this will be a bigger focus as we move into our new school)
  • Assisting Friends of Totara Park with seed gathering and planting at Totara Park throughout the year
  • Monitoring the local Puhinui Stream for clarity, temperature and cleanliness
  • Checking PH levels in the water at the Puhinui Stream
  • Looking at macroinvertebrates


We are currently researching and trialling producing honey wraps (to replace plastic rubbish in lunch boxes) and aim to eliminate plastic from our school environment.  We also have plans to develop vegetable gardens so that produce can be sold to parents as well as to the Foodtastic team for their products.