Our Hapori

Our Hapori Groups

"Hapori" describes a group, family or community.  In our collaborative teaching environment, each Hapori is made up of one or two year levels, who work together in a shared learning space, with multiple teachers.   Within each Hapori are smaller whanau groups (or home groups).  Every student has a home-group teacher who they spend time with daily, as well as working with all teachers in their Hapori, as appropriate for their individual learning needs.

Since The Gardens School opened, we have used bird names for our classes and our Hapori have continued this tradition in our new school. 

Year 0-1 - Kiwi

Year 2 - Kākāpō

Year 3 - Pūkeko

Year 4 - Kōtuku

Year 5-6 - Tūī

Year 7-8 - Kāhu

You can click on any of the above to go to their Hapori page.


We also have the Matanga Hapori which is our group of Specialist Teachers.  Students work with most of these teachers in the course of the year, as part of our specialist teaching programme.