In 2017, The Gardens School moved to "Hero", an online student portfolio and reporting tool, which gives parents easy access to their child's learning, via an individual account.  This account is connected to the email address that is on file at school. Parents can either share access to an account, or have one each, depending on their preference.

We believe that a strong home-school partnership is vital in supporting our students to achieve their very best.  Hero is designed to strengthen this partnership by providing parents with more regular, relevant and up to date learning information, via an easy-access, secure, online platform.  

One account will provide you with access to the learning information for all your children who are enrolled at TGS.

Current parents with existing accounts can log in here:



What will I see in Hero?

  • Progress and Achievement comments in reading, writing, maths, digital literacy and self-management. These comments may be supported with work samples, assessments, self-reflections, photos, videos and digital learning such as slides or coding etc.
  • Current learning goals in reading, writing, maths, self-management and digital literacy (you can also see recently completed learning goals)
  • Your child's progress against our expectations.  This OTJ (Overall Teacher Judgement) is made twice per year, depending on time at school (Year 0-3) or mid-year/end-year (Year 4-8
  • Financial information including all invoices that have been assigned to your child and the option to pay online, via a secure payment portal
  • Notices specific to your child's Whanau group and the wider school


How often will I see new learning on my child's page?

It is important to us that the learning evidence posted to Hero reflects a range of curriculum areas, in order to give you a full picture of your child’s learning.  Teachers follow a set schedule for uploading learning evidence to Hero.  This is divided into two areas “whole school” and “team”.  There will be some content that all your children will have published at the same time e.g., WINGS posts and learning with specialist teachers, however curriculum content will vary from team to team, so your child in Y3 will not necessarily have updated learning content at the same time as your child in Year 7.  Progress and Achievement comments are spread out over the term, rather than loaded all in one go, so you should expect to see something new every couple of weeks. 


Hero accounts are specific to you and your child.  Parents can have individual log-ins, as long as the email address you are using is in our system. 

Browser and Flash Player

Hero works best through Google Chrome, you will also need to make sure you have the latest Flash player working, in order to view some content e.g., Scratch or Powtoon videos