Maths 0-2

Maths 0-2

Year 0 - 2

What are the children learning?

At school entry it is expected that students will have some basic geometry and number knowledge, such as recognising simple shapes and counting, to at least ten.  During the first two years at school students will begin using counting-all strategies, where they first physically count materials or use their fingers to solve mathematical problems, to then attempting to image the objects in their mind.  After two years at school, students should be using counting-on strategies, where they hold the larger number in their mind and count on or back from it, as well as skip counting and equal sharing to combine or partition whole numbers.  

In Year 0-2 students will also be comparing and sorting objects and shapes, creating and continuing sequential patterns and using everyday objects as a system for measurement.  In Years 0-2, Number is the focus of 60–80 percent of mathematics teaching time.


What does it look like in the classroom?

Students usually work in smaller maths groups based on their needs and abilities.  During the maths block students will work on a variety of mathematical tasks, using equipment to support their learning.  Each group has a guided session with a teacher and opportunities to use maths equipment independently.  In addition they may have time on devices to complete Mathletics tasks, or time doing follow up book work tasks.