Year 5-6

Year 5-6

Year 5 - 6

What are the children learning?

In Year 5 and 6 students are spending more time learning in the strands of Maths - Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. During these school years, number is the focus of 50- ­70% of Mathematics teaching time. Students apply the most efficient strategy to solve a problem and can explain their mathematical thinking orally, visually, in writing or using digital tools. They make connections with what they are learning in Maths to other curriculum areas and their daily life.  Students are now posing their own problems and conducting mathematical investigations.


What does it look like in the classroom?

Students spend time each week working on their problem solving skills, however most of the learning in Maths is driven from using a range of assessment tools. Students and teachers use these to identify what students need to learn next and at what level, developing students ability to self direct their learning. Much of the learning is workshop based, where students sign up to the workshop/s that they need from what the student has identified from their assessment. Learning is, where possible, linked to other curriculum areas such as Digital Technology, Inquiry, Literacy, etc.