PTA Committee

PTA Committee

PTA Committee

  Tania Vowles - Chair

My oldest son started in Year 0 at The Gardens School in 2011.

After a couple of years (as I had a newborn at the time also) - I decided to come along to a PTA meeting.  I always knew I would join my children’s schools PTA to help out in anyway I can and be a part of the school community.

A few years were spent doing just that - helping out where I could.  Sausage sizzles at the end of each term.  School discos a couple of times a year.  Gala events.  Quiz Nights.  I did as much as I could with having three young children.

A couple of years ago I took over the organising of The Gardens Schools photos - class / individual / team photos.  Quite a bit of work, sure but I thoroughly enjoy it.  I’ve been able to get to know a lot of the students at the school, as well as the teachers and support staff.

My eldest started High School last year and I still have a Year 7 and Year 4 at TGS.  This is my 4th year as Chair of TGS PTA. 

Why do I do it?  Its my children's school!  I want to be involved in what is happening.  I want to KNOW what's happening.  We have a BOT representative on our PTA that keeps us up to date at each meeting with things such as “the rebuild”.   Teacher representatives at each meeting let us know what's planned for each term - school trips, events, sports etc.   With this information we are able to know what to plan each year to help fundraise for our children’s school.

The biggest thing though for me is - my kids enjoy having me apart of their school environment.

So if you see me around the school and want to know more about the PTA just yell out!  Or come along to a meeting (second Monday of the month of the school term 7.30pm in the staff room).   We would really appreciate more parents help.

 - Deputy Chair



  Val Pereto - Treasurer

I joined the PTA as my husband is the DJ for the school discos and events and I wanted to be involved in these activities. I have stayed because I love being surrounded by other parents who want to make life easier for our teachers. We work as a team to raise funds and enable our kids to have more resources and experiences than they would otherwise. We would love to have some new members, and it doesn't matter how small your contribution is... it all helps! Look forward to meeting you all soon, Valerie Pereto.