Year 3-4

Year 3-4

Year 3-4

Self Management at The Gardens School

“Start with the end in mind.”

- Stephen R Covey 

The Gardens School aims to prepare our students for life in the 21st Century by highlighting ‘self management’ as a key aspect of our philosophy.  This aspect will be forefront in our programmes and practices and we encourage our parents, to support their child’s self management to develop as they move through the school.

We learn more from our failures, than from our successes and we would like our parents, regardless of students ages, to allow children to reap the consequences for the choices they make.  Allow your child to forget, without your reminder; to not meet the timeline, due to your repeated prompts; to be late, or to forget PE gear, or even to not have lunch!   If we are constantly the net for our children, they will not become as self managing and let’s face it, they can hardly get you to save them when they miss a deadline at work!

At The Gardens School, we have broken this self management down into four areas that you will find on the Rubrics that we use with students.  These are grouped under the headings of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Relating (to others)

We encourage you to start small, so have a look at some examples of the self management we expect to be developing in each area of the school.



Year 3-4

Work alongside friends and classmates

Work as part of a group to complete tasks

Seek positive outcomes for disputes

Accept responsibility for mistakes

Complete work in a timely fashion

Display perseverance

Help when something needs doing

Display manners, opens doors, says thank you….

Make choices

Keep belongings together (hat, shoes, PE gear etc.)